How much must we sell

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A concise, practical course aimed at the busy operational manager needing to quickly gain in depth understanding of the business flow and financial implications of decision making.In breaking with the traditional FFNFM (finance for non-financial managers) this course starts with the premise that you are essentially employed to make decisions to increase the wealth of your shareholder. You also need to understand that every decision in business must eventually be paid from sales.The burning question is In order to do X how much must we sell?In order to increase the wealth of your company's owners it is vital to understand the impact of your decisions on sales. Did you know that a 5% discount on a 20% margin requires 33.33% more sales volume to deliver the same gross profit value. However how does that increased volume impact capacity, working capital and cash flow? Is the decision you are making financially viable across the flow of the interlinking business operations?This non-academic course provides easy, common sense answers and simple formulas to equip you to make more enlightened decisions for increasing the wealth of your shareholders and to be more informed for snappy decisions in those planning meetings. It delivers both breadth and depth of business understanding within four hours!The last module provides guidelines for budgeting and monitoring variances against budgets.All in all a practical, non-academic finance course for practical managers.The strength of the course is in the approach, content and delivery method divided into ten modules amounting to about four hours of absorbing, self-paced learning, including the exercises at the end of each module.For fast tracking your business knowledge and deepening your understanding of business operations "How much must we sell?" delivers the goods.


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